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Title: No No Song
Creation date: 1976
Synopsis: Written whilst lost in the mid-west on Hoyt Axton Tour
Names of collaborators: Hoyt Axton & David Jackson

Title: John Reynolds Trio Sampler
Creation date: 2005
Synopsis: Produced for Job Creation
Names of collaborators: John Reynolds, Lawrence Wright, David Jackson

Title: Mr. Leonard
Creation date: 1998
Synopsis: One of many tunes recorded for Lisa Haley and the Zydekats
Names of collaborators: Lisa Haley, Michael Joacum, Jim Hansen, Randy Mitchell

Title: Palomina
Creation date: 2001
Synopsis: Produced for Christina Ortega for her Hispanic/Western music album
Name of Collaborators: Christina Ortega, Rick Tetzlaff, John David, David Jackson

Title: The New Rt. 66
Creation date: 2007
Synopsis: Produced and submitted idea for the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus Commercial
Name of Collaborators: Carolyn Baker

Title: Train Leaves Here This Morning
Creation date: 1968
Synopsis: Part of the seminal recordings that created the Los Angeles Country /Rock sound
Name of Collaborators: Gene Clark, Doug Dillard, Bernie Leadon, Larry Marks

Title: They Don’t Want To See Me With You
Creation date: 1984
Synopsis: An original recording of Juke Logan and the Blue Flames that helped resurrect the popularity of the blues in Los Angeles
Name of Collaborators: Richard Innes, Juke Logan, Bill Campbell

Title: From The Forties
Creation date: 1985
Synopsis: An original song written by David Jackson to help celebrate the resurrection of the Swing Era Music in Los Angeles
Name of Collaborators: Tom Adams

Title: Christopher Colombus
Creation date: 1995
Synopsis: Produced for Dick Sherman and Milt Larsen for a compendium and resurrection of “SMASH FLOPS”. Dying is easy, Comedy is hard.
Name of Collaborators: James Cruce, Tom Adams, Gary White

Title: First Waltz
Creation date: 1995
Synopsis: Original composition honoring the passing of my mother, Darlene Van Horn
Name of Collaborators: Only myself on various and all instruments

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